Thursday, November 6, 2008


Is the likable Barack Obama actually the Antichrist/Beast prophesied in the Bible and Nostradamus? Who knows? But he does fit more criteria than anyone else in American history.

1. Charismatic Speaker Worshipped By The Masses. The Book of Daniel says the Beast will arise in a country made up of diverse people from "all kingdoms" and he "shall speak great words ...and think to change times and laws." The Beast will have "understanding [of] dark sentences," "shall magnify himself in his heart," and will talk of peace "and by peace shall destroy many." Daniel 7:23-25; 8:23-25. The worldwide masses will worship the charismatic Beast/Antichrist who will have a "mouth speaking great things." Revelation 13:3-8. The charismatic Barack is conceited and a great orator who speaks of change and peace. He is worshipped throughout the world including in the European Union -- the successor to the Roman Empire. Germany's Der Spiegel magazine wrote in July 2008: "He wants to lay claim to become the president of the world."

2. False Prophets. The advent of the Antichrist will be heralded by false prophets. Jeremiah Wright, who claims to be in the prophetic tradition, compared Barack to Jesus. Loius Farrakhan called Barack "the Messiah."

3. Treated As A Religious Figure. The Bible says the Beast will substitute himself in place of God and Jesus. Oprah Winfrey called Barack "The One" who will help us evolve. Chris Matthews blasphemed that Obama "is writing the New Testament."Spike Lee said that time shall be measured Before Barack and After Barack. Obama's followers proclaim: "We are the ones we've been waiting for." When he met actor Morgan Freeman, Barack bowed and said: "This guy was God before I was."

4. 666. Revelation 13:18 says "the number of the Beast ... is the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore and six." 6+6+6=18, the number of letters in Barack Hussein Obama, who has represented Chicago's 60606 zip code.

5. Beast Is A Hybrid From The Sea. The symbolic Beast of Revelation 13:1-2 will "rise up out of the sea" and is a hybrid of different species with "the mouth of a lion." Barack is a Leo with great speaking abilities. He is part black and part white and has both Muslim and Christian heritage. He was born on the island of Oahu surrounded by the sea.

6. The Burak In The Koran. The rider on a white horse in Revelation 6:2 is the horseman of the apocalypse considered to be the Antichrist. His "crown ... given unto him" and bow without arrows signify he will be freely chosen by the people without violence. Barack's connection to a religious white horse: In the Koran, the buraq or burak was a magical white horse that Mohammed flew upon at night from Mecca to Jerusalem, where it was tethered to the Western Wall (called Al-Buraq in Arabic). When Barack went to Jerusalem in July 2008, he paid a night visit to Al-Buraq (the Western Wall).

7. Evil Goat Connection. Throughout the Bible, sheep are associated with good and goats are associated with evil, which is why Satan is often depicted with goat horns. In Matthew 25:31-41, Jesus says that upon his return, he will separate the good sheep on his right from the evil goats on his left and shall cast the goats "into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels." Barack is the lefthanded son of a Muslim goatherder.

8. Nostradamus's Mabus Prophecy. Nostradamus's first antichrist Napaulon Ray turned out to be Napoleon, and his second antichrist Hister turned out to be Hitler. The third and final antichrist in Nostradamus's prophecy is associated with someone named Mabus, whose death will trigger massive calamity. (Century 2, Quatrain 62.) The only prominent person ever named Mabus is Ray Mabus, the former Governor of Mississippi and Bill Clinton's ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Ray Mabus is a Middle East policy adviser to Barack and campaigned for him. If Barack sends Ray Mabus on a mission to Iran where Mabus is killed and Barack retaliates, the Mabus prophecy will be fulfilled.

9. Unstoppable Rise To Power. Barack's meteoric rise to power out of nowhere has been unstoppable. Barack steamrolled over the Clinton machine, with the Democratic superdelegates unable to resist him. Hurricane Gustav delayed the start of the Republican convention. Just after McCain pulled ahead in the polls, Wall Street suddenly collapsed to ensure Barack's election.

10. 2012. According to Revelation, the Beast/Antichrist will rule for 42 months of relative peace and prosperity before all hell starts to break loose in the middle of the fourth year of his reign, culminating in the Battle of Armageddon. The fourth year of Barack's presidency will be 2012, the year the Mayan calendar comes to an end, the year of a rare planetary alignment, and a year that scholars say Nostradamus foresaw as tumultuous.

Even with all this, I still do not think he is the Anti-Christ. Does not mean he will not play a part in the "End Times" roll. So keep watching the signs. (Was subbmitted by: Ryan Adams)


Anonymous said...

well I agree, he hits alot of what is in the bible, but at the end of the day, I do not think he is the one either.....

Anonymous said...

Let's say that he is the antichrist
What would be the best thing to do? Pray and keep an open mind, change are negative ways become one as positive can be and follow what are heart tells us to do. I really believe good will bring down evil, only if and when one can change our ways and stick together, or sit back and watch things unfold before us and have someone say I told you so!

Anonymous said...

If he has 42 straight months of peace, would that mean Ray Mabus would have to be killed in the middle of Obama's fourth year. What if Mabus was killed in his second or third?

Anonymous said...

I am unsure if he is the actual anti-christ but for some reason I do believe he is apart of the end times as well. The people are walking around out here blind! I did not vote for him neither Mc Cain. Glad I didn't! My people (Black) are brain washed. My mom is a church goer and she listen to my claims and she now is shit faced by the accusations but she is listening. The man has a devilish look. I think people need to open there hearts and feel this. I did at first meaning I teared when he won because other people were happy that a black man won. The youth voted only because he was black and they were here to see it might happen. I hope that everyone who knows the truth secure your life in heaven now. I am not religious. I am the biggest sinner around but my heart is good. Please look at some of the facts involved.

shin said...

the antichrist isn't supposed to have any male children neither does obama. the person i.e obama doesn't know hes the antichrist yet, but he will slowly turn.

he has came out of no were, compere him with sarah palin she came out of nowhere and were did she get insult after insult and not qualified why was obama qualified because he can give a speech.

something doesnt sit well with he when it comes to obama he seems like he's hiding something.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with you all. I am a Pastor and when I watch Obama I get a very sick feeling. If you watch his actions and the way he speaks, you can tell he is like someone talking out of both sides of his mouth. By the way, he can not talk without a speech in front of him. I remember when the prompter stopped and he stuttered. My feeling is he could be the anti-christ. I think it is time for all people to be saved, that want to go to Heaven. Am I trying to scare you? Yes, if that is what it takes. I do believe we are the generation to see the end times. If you ask the 95 year old woman in my church she would tell you the same, all though she has heard this all of her life. I might add it was not meant for McCain to win. And if I may be honest Sarah Palin was used as a pawn in this whole election. They knew who was going to win from the start. It is all set in motion. It is time for praying and watching..

Anonymous said...

A bunch of bologna! Obama's awesomee, these are just coincidences.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous that said bologna! These may just be coincidences but Obama can only fool people who are stupid, ignorant, and have a lot of bad feelings in them toward people who have worked hard to get ahead while they themselves have not. You are the idiots that voted for him. YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE OUTCOME OF YOUR FOLLY.

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest crock of crap I've ever read in 32 years of living. A majority of this stuff is purely coincedental and mostly misquotes and untruths. Obama never said "this man was God before I was" to Morgan Freeman. He said "this man was PRESIDENT before I was" referring back to the movie "Deep Impact" in which Freeman was the African-American President of the United States. The zip code thing is a laugher. To the idiot "Pastor": All Presidents read from speech writers and teleprompters! Do you not think Bush spoke from both sides of his mouth? He's the biggest idiot President in history! If you are the leader of this nation you SHOULD be able to speak well. Bush is the one who can't speak without someones hand up his back. You people need to get lives and accept the fact that there's a new leader in our country who's willing to sacrifice the happiness of few for the good of many. Get over it. He won.

Anonymous said...

Are you really as stupid as you sound? No wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket. This is the danger of the internet. Now a certifiable madman, like you, can post any ludicrous item and get other nuts to believe it. You are no better than the zealots killing children in the middle east.

Anonymous said...


The Bible's last and final (sealed) prophetic book of Revelation depicts 4 main accursed players leading up to the endtime scenario. They can be found in Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18.

The 4 players are:

- the two personas called the beast and his false prophet

- an all-powerful nation/city which is a globally powerful commercial center depicted by a harlotrous woman

- ten nations who hate the harlotrous nation (depicted as ten horns on the beast's head) and plot to destroy her.

The endtime scenario involving these players can be summarized as follows:

The beast (aka "the Antichrist") arises out of a multicultural ocean-surrounded land. He will have great political authority and global influence, being viewed by the world as "The One". The beast fulfills his Marxist political objectives swiftly and with persuasive words within 42 months or 3.5 years, during which he will miraculously survive an assassination attempt. The beast carries (is either subject to and/or leads) the harlotrous woman. She represents a multicultural land surrounded by oceans, making nations worldwide wealthy by buying and consuming their merchandise. She also spreads her immoralities to the whole world.

After rebounding from his assassination attempt the beast will be spiritually vindicated by a false prophet who performs signs and wonders on the beast's behalf and tells the world to worship him and make an image to him. Since the beast may likely be "The One" who mediates a peace-treaty between Jews and Arabs so as to make it possible for Jews to rebuild their 3rd Temple, he and his false prophet will then demand that the beast's image will be setup in this temple. The beast will further assume global economic control by requiring everyone to receive his mark (microchip?) on their forehead or right arm, and/or the number of his name.

The beast further conspires with ten nations who hate the harlot, to have them burn her with fire in "one hour" - the only way this is possible is by nuclear attack. All the world's nations will behold this attack with great weeping and mourning, because the major consumer of their wealth has been destroyed. The destruction of the harlot is God's judgment.

After this the beast will form coalitions with China, Russia, Muslim nations (etc.) and lead armies against Israel in a direct affront to the God of Israel, who is LORD of all. That will be the battle of Armageddon, during which Jesus returns to the earth...

Brad Farless said...

From the way that last Anonymous puts it, it sounds like the US is the harlot.

Anyway, how can Barack have 42 months of peace, ending in 2012, when the US will still be actively engaged in military conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq through 2010 at least?

Anonymous said...

I cant believe Im reading this... I dont know much about the bible but Ive had dreams that say exactly this will happen.. ITS SCARY!!!! In my dream Obama was stabbed, and didnt die. It caused an all out white on black war (he knew this would happen and was in on the assalt, he wants to destroy this country from the inside out) when really it has NOTHING to do with race, and he was laughing at how ignorant we all are.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a horrible man. It scares me that people can actually read this and not think he is the Antichrist. Honestly, I have no doubts in my mind that that man is evil...